Interceramic Tile & Stone March 31


When it comes to truly innovative and unique tile, Interceramic Tile & Stone, here in Austin, is our pick!  Colby Design has trusted their products for years, and we love how unique their line is.  Here is some eye-candy to persuade you into like-mindedness…

“Interceramic began operations in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1979 as a ceramic tile manufacturing company with the most innovative technology at the time. Today it is one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in North America with a total production capacity of approximately 450 million sq ft per year in nine facilities housed in four different manufacturing complexes: three in Chihuahua, Mexico and one in Garland, TX in the US.

With almost 30 years in the market, Interceramic has become a leader not only as a manufacturer, but also as distributor of ceramic tile, bathroom fixtures, setting materials and natural stone. To complement manufactured products, Interceramic also outsources approximately 70 million sq ft of floor and wall tile annually.

We go to the North American market through a unique franchised-store distribution system in Mexico comprised of 230 stores and 27 wholesale showroom and warehouse facilities plus 65 independent distributors in the US and Canada, also 2 stores with distribution center in Central America, one in Panama and the other in Guatemala, annual sales nearing the $500 million mark.

 Mission:  Exceed the expectations of our customers in the ceramic tile, natural stone and installation materials market by supplying the best quality products with the most innovative world class designs and by providing an excellent customer service through our efficient technology-driven distribution network and a highly capable and professional team with the sole purpose of enhancing and improving the life of our end consumer.

Vision:  To be simply the best in the world in our line of business. Be the leader in quality, innovation and service, always following our basic values of respect, loyalty, humility and honesty through a commitment to teamwork, communication and a high degree of responsibility always in the best interest of our customers.

At Interceramic, environmental issues are taken very seriously.  In the manufacturing process:

          • 100% of the water used in manufacturing is recycled
          • 100% of unfired tile is recycled
          • 90% of fired scrap is recycled
          • 15% of the heat from kilns is recycled
          • Tile products are manufactured using naturally occurring clays and minerals
          • The most advanced dust collection systems to create a modern reclamation process
          • Natural gas in the combustion processes in kilns, dryers and forklifts
          • Segregates and safety disposes of dangerous residues

Installation and use of Interceramic products:

          • Do not require solvent-based cleaners or sealers, offering important advantages for  

          • Offer easy maintenance with water-based materials
          • Prevent mold, mildew, fungal and bacterial growth if maintained with regular

          • Will not absorb VOC’s with chemicals from surrounding materials
          • Are not an original source of contaminants, due to the environmentally sensitive raw
          • Have a long life cycle that requires few replacements in the field, outlasting other”

 Interceramic also carries slabs for your interior design needs.  Visit them at

“In 2007, IMC became a wholly owned subsidiary of Interceramic, Inc. For over 27 years, IMC has provided the highest quality products and the most unique stones hand selected from over 47 countries. IMCInterceramic Marble Collection continues that tradition and pledges to you, our customer, the highest level of customer service.Natural stone is the oldest building material known to man. For thousands of years, natural stone withstood the test of time. Today, it is as popular as ever in both commercial and residential settings. Our homes are our retreats from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our sanctuaries. We want to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Not only do we want to beautify our homes, but we also want to invest in materials that offer high performance with low maintenance that will last for many years while adding value to your home. Natural stone is the answer. Visit one of our showrooms today and let one of our trained and experienced sales staff assist you in the selection of natural stone for your next project.”

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