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Interceramic Tile & Stone

Thursday, March 31st, 2011


When it comes to truly innovative and unique tile, Interceramic Tile & Stone, here in Austin, is our pick!  Colby Design has trusted their products for years, and we love how unique their line is.  Here is some eye-candy to persuade you into like-mindedness…

“Interceramic began operations in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1979 as a ceramic tile manufacturing company with the most innovative technology at the time. Today it is one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in North America with a total production capacity of approximately 450 million sq ft per year in nine facilities housed in four different manufacturing complexes: three in Chihuahua, Mexico and one in Garland, TX in the US.

With almost 30 years in the market, Interceramic has become a leader not only as a manufacturer, but also as distributor of ceramic tile, bathroom fixtures, setting materials and natural stone. To complement manufactured products, Interceramic also outsources approximately 70 million sq ft of floor and wall tile annually.

We go to the North American market through a unique franchised-store distribution system in Mexico comprised of 230 stores and 27 wholesale showroom and warehouse facilities plus 65 independent distributors in the US and Canada, also 2 stores with distribution center in Central America, one in Panama and the other in Guatemala, annual sales nearing the $500 million mark.

 Mission:  Exceed the expectations of our customers in the ceramic tile, natural stone and installation materials market by supplying the best quality products with the most innovative world class designs and by providing an excellent customer service through our efficient technology-driven distribution network and a highly capable and professional team with the sole purpose of enhancing and improving the life of our end consumer.

Vision:  To be simply the best in the world in our line of business. Be the leader in quality, innovation and service, always following our basic values of respect, loyalty, humility and honesty through a commitment to teamwork, communication and a high degree of responsibility always in the best interest of our customers.

At Interceramic, environmental issues are taken very seriously.  In the manufacturing process:

          • 100% of the water used in manufacturing is recycled
          • 100% of unfired tile is recycled
          • 90% of fired scrap is recycled
          • 15% of the heat from kilns is recycled
          • Tile products are manufactured using naturally occurring clays and minerals
          • The most advanced dust collection systems to create a modern reclamation process
          • Natural gas in the combustion processes in kilns, dryers and forklifts
          • Segregates and safety disposes of dangerous residues

Installation and use of Interceramic products:

          • Do not require solvent-based cleaners or sealers, offering important advantages for  

          • Offer easy maintenance with water-based materials
          • Prevent mold, mildew, fungal and bacterial growth if maintained with regular

          • Will not absorb VOC’s with chemicals from surrounding materials
          • Are not an original source of contaminants, due to the environmentally sensitive raw
          • Have a long life cycle that requires few replacements in the field, outlasting other”

 Interceramic also carries slabs for your interior design needs.  Visit them at

“In 2007, IMC became a wholly owned subsidiary of Interceramic, Inc. For over 27 years, IMC has provided the highest quality products and the most unique stones hand selected from over 47 countries. IMCInterceramic Marble Collection continues that tradition and pledges to you, our customer, the highest level of customer service.Natural stone is the oldest building material known to man. For thousands of years, natural stone withstood the test of time. Today, it is as popular as ever in both commercial and residential settings. Our homes are our retreats from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our sanctuaries. We want to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Not only do we want to beautify our homes, but we also want to invest in materials that offer high performance with low maintenance that will last for many years while adding value to your home. Natural stone is the answer. Visit one of our showrooms today and let one of our trained and experienced sales staff assist you in the selection of natural stone for your next project.”

Decadent Pillows For Indoor Or Out…

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


The Leonardo Pillow by Perennials is epic in size (23″ x 23″ only) and beauty.  This elegant pillow is certainly not your average “throw,” as it commands the attention that your interior deserves.  It’s quality is second to none, constructed from Perennials trademarked 100% solution-dyed acrylic technology and the artistry of HOLLAND & SHERRY.  This is a pillow that will take your (or your children’s) worst and still look great, as it is stain resistant.  Contact Colby Design if you are interested in these, or any other Perennials products.
downloading image...

downloading image...


Monday, March 28th, 2011


Concetto by CaesarStone is “a-one-of-a-kind hand made surface art created from semi-precious stone.”  As far as interior design goes, we just think it is brilliant.  It is available in 9 different stones/finishes and is very versitile.  It can go in homes from the very traditional to the very contemporary…it can even be lit from the underside, showing off its natural beauty even more.  For more on these incredible surfaces, contact us so that we can help you resourse it out of Austin, or visit  We would be glad to help!


Enkeboll Metallics.

Friday, March 25th, 2011


Enkeboll has some of the best architectural woodcarvings around for interior design.  They have every kind of wood trim and onlay available, and they are gorgeous.  Now, they have introduced a metallic line that is sure to catch your attention.  You can select from 9 lustrous finishes and from over 1,000 products, allowing for ultimate personalization of your home.

Beautiful Paper For The Wall…

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


Wallpaper can add so much drama to a house, which is what interior designers strive to do.  It is a fantastic way to add a touch of whimsy or class to a space.  It can be less expensive than having a mural painted on an accent wall, and have just as dramatic of an effect.  With so many great papers to choose from, you are sure to find something that strikes a chord with you, and there are some amazing resources, such as Stockton Hicks Laffey here in Austin, that carry amazing lines ( “To The Trade”).


Sophia Pebble

Beautiful Wallpaper

Alexander Marchant – Decorative Hardware for the Home

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


When it comes to exquisite hardware…jewelry for the home, really, Alexander Marchant is one of the best jewelers in Austin!  Their unique collections range from the traditional to the contemporary…with some whimsy thrown in for good measure.  Check them out at .  We are sure you will like what you see.

“Discerning homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders rely on Alexander Marchant for a one-of-a kind collection of high-end architectural hardware and distinctive lighting from leading manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. Our experienced staff provides personalized design services and custom-designed hardware to meet the exact needs of commercial and residential projects.

We invite you to take a first-hand look at the vast array of international hardware manufacturers we carry, featuring the latest designs in the industry.

Alexander Marchant focuses on providing a broad range of hardware and lighting in countless styles, for use throughout a new construction remodel project. Our team can address each of your needs, from entry and interior sets, to cabinet and bath accessories, to hinges, doorstops, and distinctive lighting for any room.

Strong technical know-how and pragmatic solutions to difficult design dilemmas have become our trademark. We not only provide the more everyday hardware pieces, we work closely with you to address your specific needs, and deliver customized solutions for specific applications.

Our mission is going above and beyond the norm in providing exceptional customer service throughout any given project, and offering consistent and efficient communication to help you give any architectural project a unique character and style all its own.

The level of service you’ll find at Alexander Marchant is just as distinctive as the products. Each member of our staff has garnered a depth of experience in design, metal-and wood-working, and many other facets of construction and remodeling. In addition, our long-standing relationships with premiere architectural hardware and lighting manufacturers enable us to work closely with you to address each of your needs, down to the last detail. Exceeding clients’ expectations isn’t just a goal, it’s our mission. Every project, every day.”

Cabinet Hardware:

“We believe cabinet hardware should reflect a home’s character; much like a piece of jewelry does for its wearer. Our dozens of manufacturers offer styles and finishes, including the finest in cast metals, ceramics, beach glass, and hand-forged iron. These individualized touches will complement your warehouse loft, Italian villa, hill country farmhouse—any home, anywhere.”
Cabinet Pull Louis XVI Style
Bathroom Accessories:
“Bathroom accessories have to be carefully engineered, highly sophisticated collections suitable for the most discerning tastes. We offer styles ranging from simple clean lines to architecturally chic to period pieces—from towel holders to soap dispensers to wall sconces. We offer an array of price points to suit any budget.”
Custom Hardware:

“Our clients often seek a unique application or alteration to a piece of door or cabinet hardware. That’s where our expertise comes in, ensuring all dimensions and parts of the custom-designed piece will not only function correctly, but will also achieve your design goal and complete the desired look.

We also specialize in original hardware design, employing any casting method necessary to mold the look and feel you desire, including sand casting, “lost wax” method, and more. Please feel free to bring us your ideas. We’ll be happy to help you explore all of the possibilities.”
Door Hardware:

“We consider door hardware to be fine furnishings that capture the persona of your home or business. Before offering up design and product suggestions, we carefully consider both the aesthetic and functional requirements of your project.

Our hallmark level of customer service could not be possible without the support and loyalty of the many manufacturers we work with daily. Our close relationships with these manufacturers from around the globe enable us to offer materials and designs in door hardware that match home and bath accessories in look and style.”
Lever Empire Style
“The right lighting fixtures can bring drama and character to any room.  At Alexander Marchant, our relationships with exceptional lighting manufacturers throughout the U.S. and Europe enable us to help you bring unexpected possibilities to life in any room.  From overhead fixtures to sconces to outdoor lighting, we’re sure you’ll find both our selection and ideas very illuminating.”

Alpha Granite

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


When it comes to granite and other natural stone countertops, Alpha Granite is a great resource that we at Colby Design trust.   Alpha Granite was formed in 2002, but their people have been in the industry for far longer, bringing a lot of expertise to every interior installation.

“Alpha Granite prides itself in producing high quality custom fabricated Stone and Natural Quartz Countertops. Located in Austin Texas, Alpha granite serves over a 100 mile radius fabricating and installing beautifully crafted kitchen and Bath room countertops.

Our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship and customer service. It is our commitment that we will see every job through until it is complete and our customer is satisfied. No stone will be left unturned until the job is done right.

Alpha Granite has its roots in the Warm Heart of Southern Africa, namely Zimbabwe where the well known Zimbabwe Black granite is quarried. Alpha Granite’s mother company has vested interests with Black Granite Quarries located in the Mutoko area of Zimbabwe where the majority of the Zimbabwe Black granite is extracted from the earth. It is this passion for natural stone that inspired the formation of Alpha Granite to provide fabrication of beautifully crafted finished natural stone products.

Alpha Granite was founded in 2002 in Austin Texas. From its day of inception Alpha Granite has grown exponentially by doing quality work and offering the best customer service. Serving a diverse customer base , Alpha Granite has been able to fabricate and install a wide variety of countertops for large production builders as well as custom builders, remodelers and individual home owners.

Alpha Granite offers not only Granite and Marble but Natural Quartz Products including Caesarstone and Cambria. These Natural Quartz surfaces are the leading brands in North America and offer customers an alternative surface that is maintenance free and backed by a 10 year warranty. By offering a broad spectrum of countertop surface materials we enable you, the customer, to make your choice under one roof.

Alpha Granite has a 15000 sq. foot facility housing a streamlined CNC Production Process. All your countertops are digitally templated using the latest digitizing equipment that enable us to map all the countertops. The Computer Aided Design Centre prepares all these drawings for the production process. Every job we produce is CUSTOM -always made to order, always using the finest natural stone and always made to each customers exact specifications.

Our friendly and experienced staff are there to help and guide you through this exciting process.”




For more from Alpha Granite, please visit their website at:

OCHRE Furniture…

Monday, March 21st, 2011


“The embodiment of contemporary, understated glamour, this is the hallmark of OCHRE.”  We have recently become acquainted with a furniture company out of New York and London called OCHRE.  Every piece from lighting to accessories is both beautiful and thoughtful…an interior designer’s dream line.  Check out some of our picks below.  For more from OCHRE, visit, or contact us…we would be glad to help!

“To the Trade…”

Inspired Ways to Add Seating…

Friday, March 18th, 2011


Ottomans are a great way to add some fun and additional seating to your living spaces.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can even be used in lieu of a coffee table.  They can be tucked under consoles when they are not in use or simply used to “anchor” a piece of furniture.  Check out some of our great finds below.

Laser Cut Wool Ottomans

Serving in Style…

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


Designer Michael Aram has some amazing home accessories and interior decor, all of which are very organically inspired.  Check out some of his designer serving bowls below.  They are elegant and artful…sure to wow your guests.  For more on his beautiful works for the home, visit

Black Orchid Bowl Large

Lemonwood Nut Bowl

Sona Vessel 12"