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A Spectacle Of Light…

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Stewart Haygarth is a British designer who takes everyday objects, even trash at times, and transforms them into something beautiful.  Check out the chandeliers below.  At first glance, they simply look like contemporary lights, but take a closer look, and you will see that the first chandelier is actually made up of hundreds of eyeglass lenses, which actually serve to magnify the light.  The second light below is comprised of eyeglass frames…interesting and unique, for sure!

Edelman Leather…Unique Leather For Any Application.

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

“Back in the mid 1950’s, Teddy and Arthur Edelman not only fell in love, but together fell in love with the family’s specialty reptile leather business, creating works of art from animal hides.   In 1964, with their new friend, Andy Warhol doing their graphic design, they became the leading leather source for the fashion industry, winning the Coty Award and the Neiman-Marcus Award. In 1981, they discovered a void in high-end upholstery leathers and launched their newly formed company, EDELMAN LEATHER – making a superb leather collection for architects and interior designers whom they felt were looking for the Best of the Best..

Edelman Leather is the premier brand of luxury leathers. “We continue the founding Edelman family tradition to design for designers, through innovation and imagination,” Amy Darrah, President.

Today, with awards such as consecutive “Best on the Best” House & Garden award (2005-06), Robb Reports 2006 “Best of the Year” award, and 2007 “BEST of Year” for product from Interior Design, the business has become a lifestyle company.  The projects range evenly among high-end residential, hospitality, contract, and aircraft.  The clients’ homes, their yachts, their offices, the restaurants they eat in – a lifestyle, all involving Edelman Leather.”

That is their history…here is their “now.”  Check out some of the most unique leather applications for interiors around.  Enjoy!

Leather Seat Upholstry

Leather Floor Tiles

Embossed Crocodile

Leather Walls

For more, visit them on the web at:

Conrad Shades…

Monday, August 29th, 2011

When it comes to the best in woven or bamboo shades, Conrad is one of the best manufacturers out there.  Their product line is extensive and their quality is rivaled by few.  Below are some spaces which have Conrad shades.  With so many styles from which to choose, you are bound to find something that grabs you.  See how well these shades go into different styles of homes.  Also, Conrad shades are finished on the edges, so as to prevent snagging and fraying (which can occur when this is not the case)…yet another reason Conrad is at the top of their game!

You’ve Never Seen Outdoor Fabrics Like These…

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Perennials Fabrics set the standard in quality and style for outdoor textiles.  Their innovation in design and materials are exquisite.  Some of their latest prints are wild…literally!  We are always of the mindset that having a small dose of animal print inside (or out,  as the case may be) of your home can add just a touch of whimsy.  Any of the fabrics featured below could be great as decorative accents, such as pillows.  Perennials is “to the trade,” so contact Colby Design if you are interested in any of their collections.  For more, visit

Citty Kitty

Hissy Fit

Soft Rock

What Knot


Soften Your Room With Fabric Walls…

Monday, May 2nd, 2011



A great way to soften a room or add some pop is to drape fabric or upholster an accent wall.  It can be unexpected and add fun or sophistication, depending on the fabric that you select.  Below are some great ways to pull off this look in your home.  If you are planning on draping fabric, it is important that you use hardware that cannot be seen.  This is one place that drapery hardware would be a distraction. 

Traditional, Transitional, & Contemporary Interior Design Showroom

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


Walter Lee Culp Associates  is one of the premier interior design showrooms in Dallas.  Their product lines are some of the most beautiful and elegant lines available.  With everything from textiles to wall coverings, furniture,  lighting and accessories, Walter Lee Culp has your home covered.  Below are a few photographs from a fraction of their manufacturers. 

Larsen Fabrics



Dennis & Leen


For more from Walter Lee Culp Associates, visit

An Updated Tuft…

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


Check out this tufted chair in gorgeous steel blue velvet.  It is American made and is constructed from 100% stustainable materials (which we, as interior designers love).  The cushions can either be feather wrapped, or feather filled and it comes in a variety of colors in both linen and velvet, but COM is also an option.  What we love about it is its versatility.  For more on this chair, contact Colby Design…this chair wants to live in your Austin home! 

Mercer Tufted Club Chair

“To the Trade”

Luxury Bedding…

Monday, February 21st, 2011


For the best in luxury bedding, interior designers look no further than Ann Gish.  Her line of bedding and decorative pillows is stunning.  With her choice of materials spanning from gorgeous satins and silks to heavy or open grain linens, there is something for everyone.   Ann Gish’s does carry a ready-to-bed line that is available at select retailers in Austin, but for the truly luxurious and unique, custom linens are available to the trade.  Contact us to to see all of the colors and textures available to make your master suite or guest room truly stunning.


Opulence by Ardecora…

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011


Everything about this Ardecora fabric by Zimmer + Rhode screams opulence.  Metallic threads are woven into a grand scale damask, set on a sheer canvas.  While it is certainly not for every home, this sophisticated fabric could be draped beautifully around a large dining room window.  It would also be spectacular as panels in a formal living space.  If you are in the market for custom window treatments, an interior designer is your best avenue to get that “wow” factor.  We have a fabricator here in Austin who can dress up your windows in no time.

“To the Trade”

Industrial Chic…

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010


This metal mesh drapery by Whiting & Davis is fabulous.  It shimmers and drapes dramatically, but is simple at the same time.  Often used in fashion, metal mesh can be used in home applications for interior design, as well.  Check out these room dividers below.  They fill in cased openings beautifully, and come in an array of finishes and textures.  We would love to find a way to use these fashionable textiles in your Austin space.