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Drapery Hardware With Style…

Friday, April 29th, 2011


Drapery hardware is one of those details that can can really make a window sizzle.  It is just as important as the fabric we choose, and it really drives style home.  For example, the same open weave linen draperies can appear very traditional or very contemporary, depending on the chosen rod and finials. 

(Restoration Hardware’s Textured Belgian Linen)

(West Elm)

A great resource for very unique drapery hardware is Urban Decor.  The are a “trade only” resource for a truly designer look for your window, so check them out…if you like what you see, contact Colby Design and we would be glad to help!

Romantic Bedding For Your Interior…

Sunday, April 24th, 2011


If you long for a romantic and chic way to dress your bed, Heirloom Beds has you covered.  Their gorgeous and decadant bedding is both beautiful and sophisticated.  While much of their product line leans toward the feminine, they contrast it with dark colors that somehow make the embroidery seem less delicate. 

Luxe Linen

Matteo Due

Silk Velvet Embroidered Curtain Panel

“The Heirloom Bed Co. started in 1998 in San Antonio, TX when my husband and I found and fell in love with a beautiful hand crafted iron bed by Brass Beds of Virginia.  We had been searching for a bed that was both beautiful and durable – something that would last a lifetime. We found that bed – so durable it can hold the weight of a waterbed – without squeaking, wobbling, or rattling – and realized that other people would likely appreciate those same attributes in a bed. 

At the same time, we had been searching for bed linens but were disappointed with the “bed in a bag” and the fact that we found the same offerings at every store.  We were looking for natural fibers, high thread counts, and unique offerings that were beautiful and comfortable – yet easy care and practical. Not able to find what we were looking for, we decided to open The Heirloom Bed Co.

At the time that the store was opened, the addition of mattresses seemed logical. As a physician, I was looking for a mattresses that were healthy – hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant – and could provide quality sleep.  As a result eco-friendly all natural latex, soy memory foam, and organic mattresses were added to our offerings.

The Heirloom Bed Co. has grown into a bedroom “lifestyle” store.  You’ll find the largest selection of iron beds in South Texas, an array of beautiful bed and bath linens, healthy mattresses, lounge wear, fragrance and body care.  Our website is growing and will soon offer the same selection of fine quality products to our internet customers. 

Our offerings are chosen to enhance one’s quality of life, quality of sleep, and quality of health.  Salud!”

For more, visit them on the web at


Traditional, Transitional, & Contemporary Interior Design Showroom

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


Walter Lee Culp Associates  is one of the premier interior design showrooms in Dallas.  Their product lines are some of the most beautiful and elegant lines available.  With everything from textiles to wall coverings, furniture,  lighting and accessories, Walter Lee Culp has your home covered.  Below are a few photographs from a fraction of their manufacturers. 

Larsen Fabrics



Dennis & Leen


For more from Walter Lee Culp Associates, visit

Stephen Antonson – Sculptor of Plaster

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Stepehen Antonson is an amazing sculptor.  His material of choice?  Plaster.  Chalky, white powdered gypsum, mixed with water, “is the stuff of dreams” to the artist.  Antonson was inspired when a friend came back from Paris raving about plaster furniture and lamps made from plaster, circa 1930.  He began making creations for he and his wife, and the rest is history.  Now, Antonson is a one-man-show, working for interior designers on commissioned pieces.  We think his things are very artful and fun. 


For more, visit .

Clearly Good Interior Design…

Friday, April 1st, 2011


Lucite, or acrylic, is a beautiful material that furniture makers translate into good design.  It adds glamour and sophistication to any room.  Check out some rooms below that have Lucite furniture.  There is a certain amount of class that has been added by the transparent pieces in them.  Another great thing about Lucite is that it can go with any style…


OCHRE Furniture…

Monday, March 21st, 2011


“The embodiment of contemporary, understated glamour, this is the hallmark of OCHRE.”  We have recently become acquainted with a furniture company out of New York and London called OCHRE.  Every piece from lighting to accessories is both beautiful and thoughtful…an interior designer’s dream line.  Check out some of our picks below.  For more from OCHRE, visit, or contact us…we would be glad to help!

“To the Trade…”

Serving in Style…

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


Designer Michael Aram has some amazing home accessories and interior decor, all of which are very organically inspired.  Check out some of his designer serving bowls below.  They are elegant and artful…sure to wow your guests.  For more on his beautiful works for the home, visit

Black Orchid Bowl Large

Lemonwood Nut Bowl

Sona Vessel 12"

Mark Innerst…”Fleeting Moments” Preserved in Art.

Friday, February 25th, 2011


New York artist Mark Innerst’s art wavers somewhere between realism and abstraction.  His eye-catching paintings depict life today in such a way that his pieces could be snapshots from a century ago.  The city depicted doesn’t matter…it could almost be Austin.  What matters is vibrancy and feeling of life in each of his paintings.   The bold colors and impressionistic strokes leave us excited with anticipation at what Innerst will do next.  Any of Innerst’s paintings would be a great design element to your home.

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Luxury Bedding…

Monday, February 21st, 2011


For the best in luxury bedding, interior designers look no further than Ann Gish.  Her line of bedding and decorative pillows is stunning.  With her choice of materials spanning from gorgeous satins and silks to heavy or open grain linens, there is something for everyone.   Ann Gish’s does carry a ready-to-bed line that is available at select retailers in Austin, but for the truly luxurious and unique, custom linens are available to the trade.  Contact us to to see all of the colors and textures available to make your master suite or guest room truly stunning.


“Loud Speakers for Art Lovers”

Monday, January 31st, 2011


TON Art has the “Battle of the Sexes” resolved…it is a tie!.  Well, maybe just as far as home entertainment goes.  Women typically want their home entertainment spaces to be aesthetically pleasing, first.  We want the equipment to be non-intrusive.  Men, while also wanting the space to look good, typically are striving for function over form.  Here is where TON Art comes in…they have created speakers that are completely hidden in art forms, and they are beautiful.  They are a great resource for interior designers to utilize in order to please both husbands and wives.   Below are two examples of their creations.  One is a “tabletop” piece, the other is wall art.  For more from TON Art, visit