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Garden Stools Or Tables…

Friday, July 1st, 2011

With summer here, you are probably going to find yourself outside more and more.  We at Colby Design love interesting little tables…especially when they are extremely versatile.  Take these garden stools below – they are a great addition for just about any room in your home, as well as outside on your patio or deck.  They can fit cozily between two chairs to set a drink on, or they could become a seating area all on their own.  This is also just a taste of the hundreds of styles and colors that are available, sure to fit any home decor.

“To the Trade.”

The Tulip Table…Truly Timeless.

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table was first introduced close to 70 years ago, and it has managed to remain perfectly relevant today.  This is because this timeless beauty is perfect for almost any decor.  It has been copied by countless manufacturers, making it an affordable option to the masses.  When the Tulip Table was born, it had a powder coated steel base with options for its top:  laminate, wood, or marble, and could be round or oval.  Today, it is commonly replicated with a fiberglass base, but the table top options still seem to be available.  Take a look at Saarinen’s creation, and imagine how beautiful it would be in your Austin home!

tom scheerer

Aidan Gray…More Chic Than Shabby.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Look at some of our finds by Aidan Gray Home (  The entire product line is inspired by “European Grandeur,” and focuses on an authentic, hand-made look.  While this is a relatively young company, Aidan Gray Home has taken on the interior design and decor industry by storm…and they seem to have what it takes to have staying power.  They have a very specific look that has wide appeal, especially for transitional interiors.  If you are interested in these or any of the products from Aidan Gray Home, just let us know!

So Chic Shagreen…

Friday, May 20th, 2011


Shagreen is derived from untanned skin of animals, commonly sharks and sting rays, that are covered in close-set tubercles (and commonly died green).  Today, you can find plenty of beautifully made furniture and accessories from both real, and very often faux, shagreen.  One great thing about shagreen is its versatility.  It can look very masculine when made dark, or appears very feminine in lighter shades.  If you are interested in locating some shagreen products, let us know…we will be happy to find the right ones for your home.

Inspired By Nature.

Monday, May 16th, 2011


Palecek furniture is very distinctive.  Their entire product line seems to marry nature and interior design.  Here is what they say about their products:

“More than 35 years ago, Palecek began designing distinctive rattan and wicker items with one goal in mind –  to create unique pieces of art from natural fibers. As we traveled the world developing a network of master artisans, we drew inspiration from the indigenous peoples and their use of quickly renewable materials. Our desire to mix an international palette of natural fibers into elegant furniture, lighting and accessories has made Palecek a trendsetter and pioneer in the use of fast-growing hardwoods, seagrass and rattan weaves.   Our extensive line of award winning, handcrafted and eco-conscious designs are conceived in our domestic San Francisco Bay Area headquarters.  It is here that our master technicians upholster and finish your pieces, allowing Palecek to be your domestic design resource.”

“To the Trade”

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Moraccan Inspired Home Decor..

Friday, May 13th, 2011


For those of you who prefer the eclectic for your Austin home, look no further than Wunderley Furniture.  Their imported products are hand-crafted and are beautiful, and their product line includes everything from furniture to lighting and accessories.  A quick tip, though – these pieces would be a great addition to any interior…but be careful not to overdo it.  A single inlaid table, bench, or mirror can add interest and “pop,” but too much of a good thing will just create a theme, which can make the overall design seem trite. 

SB71-36" Mosaic Cocktail table


SB502-Mother of Pearl Inlaid Bench

MB301-Old Kilim cube

ML44-Long Leather Wall Sconce

Vintage Shell Inlay Mirror-212

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Traditional Inspiration…Dreamlike State.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


The artwork that is Boco do Lobo’s furniture is astounding.  The designers manage take the onlooker on a visual and emotional  journey, as they take traditional forms and craft them into something more.  Sometimes when we dream, we warp things in our minds, just a little, but the forms in the dream still make sense.  This idea seems to be threaded through Boco do Lobo’s designs.  The take classic forms and present them in whimsical ways that inspire the onlooker, just as art stirs each of us differently. 

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Contemporary Furniture in Austin.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011


Scott + Cooner is a great resource for “all things contemporary.”  Their showrooms are beautiful, and they only show a small fraction of the number of lines that Scott + Cooner carries.

“With an intuitive devotion to function, line, color and balance, Scott + Cooner began as the brainchild of Lloyd Scott and Josy Cooner in May of 1995, when they set out to make the Southwest a more modern place. Today they have over 15,000 square feet of modern furniture showroom space in the Dallas Design District and Downtown Austin. Scott + Cooner represents 70+ lines of classic and contemporary furniture, the top modern lighting designs, and the most incredible European Kitchen Systems in the Southwest.

Drawing on their training in architecture and interior design respectively, they offer over 30 years of combined design experience. With their shared love of classic and modern European decor they have consistently expanded their Dallas Design Center Showroom to exhibit the best of world’s great space designers.

Lloyd and Josy are dedicated to supporting the worldwide design community. While individuals are welcome to peruse the showrooms in Dallas and Austin and avail themselves of Scott + Cooner’s expertise, Lloyd and Josy firmly believe in the value added by design professionals because experience has shown that the client ultimately benefits from the consistent perspective, taste and overall knowledge the designer adds to the task of designing functional, comfortable and pleasing interiors.”


For more on Scott+Cooner, visit them at:

Traditional, Transitional, & Contemporary Interior Design Showroom

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


Walter Lee Culp Associates  is one of the premier interior design showrooms in Dallas.  Their product lines are some of the most beautiful and elegant lines available.  With everything from textiles to wall coverings, furniture,  lighting and accessories, Walter Lee Culp has your home covered.  Below are a few photographs from a fraction of their manufacturers. 

Larsen Fabrics



Dennis & Leen


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Conversation Starting Side Tables…

Monday, April 18th, 2011


These are some great little side tables by furniture designer Ted Boerner.  They incorporate great bursts of color with acrylic, giving them a touch of whimsy that could add to your modern decor.  They could also be a touch of the unexpected in a more traditional home, under the guidance of a good interior designer.

Ted Boerner – Nesting Tables

Ted Boerner – Tumbler Tables

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