Mid-Century Modern + Blue Lacquer = Great Look. November 7

Check out these great Mid-Century modern pieces by Chelsea Textiles.  Their simple style is classic, but the use of gorgeous blue lacquer is what makes them stand out.  The chair below would be great in a bedroom or a living area, as it could easily bounce between formal and casual.

The credenza below is hand painted and hand made from solid wood.

This table is great for small spaces.  Notice that the chairs fit all the way under the table, and it comes in 2 space-saving sizes:  41″ with 3 chairs or 47″ with 4 chairs.


Historic & Haunted? Austin’s Driskill Hotel. October 31

Happy Halloween, people of Austin!  In celebration of this spooky occasion, we at Colby Design would like to call your attention to an Austin landmark – The Driskill Hotel.  The hotel opened on December 20, 1886, and was built by cattle baron Col. Jesse L. Driskill.  It is still considered one of the premier hotels in central Texas, with lavish amenities.

One year after opening, though, the daughter of a Texas senator took a fatal tumble down the grand staircase while chasing a bouncing ball, and legend has it that she can be heard bouncing that ball in the lobby and along the mezzanine.  Another haunted tale of the Driskill centers around room 525, where two young brides, 20 years apart, took their own lives in the same bathroom at the hotel…

Whether you are looking for a spooky place to venture out, or just a great historic architectural spot, check out the Driskill, and have a happy Halloween!

Luxurious & Glamorous. October 24

Now here is a master bath that is simply luxurious. This design combines the old with the new. The classic marble selection is Emperador, joined with the sleekness of mirrors, floor to ceiling glass, and a cantilievered  vanity, keep this bathroom modern, but classic, too.  It’s clean lines are softened by the sheer drapes and the gorgeous view, and its warm neutral palette gives this master bath an understated elegance.

The New Traditionalist… October 17

We have just discovered  a New York based showroom called The New Traditionalists, and we love their line!  They use classic pieces and make them current with textiles and finishes that are fresh and “now.”  Check out some of our finds from their collection.  We love their use of linen with hide, as well as interesting color options for tables and case goods.  For more, visit them on the web:  www.thenewtraditionalists.com .

Products PH

Products PH

Products PH

Fun with Ikat… October 10

“Ikat is the extraordinary silk fabric woven throughout Central Asia.  Each strand is individually dyed, then woven into stunning, vibrant patterns which are recognized from village to village. “

-Central Asia Institute

While Ikat is a traditional method of weaving fabrics that has been around for centuries, it is being given new life continuously through fabric designers worldwide.  It can be a great way to throw in a bold dose of color or fun to any space.  Check out some of our Ikat finds below.

Ikat Rug

The Romance of Fall Colors… October 3

Fall is here.  It may not feel like it at times with the Texas heat, but the season of change is upon us.  The light, the smells,  and the overall sensory changes that occur this time of year leave a feeling of warmth, even though we are getting a break from the heat.  The colors.  Fall colors are beautiful and exciting, bringing on the feeling of nostalgia, reminding us of things to come.

AIA Homes Tour…October 1-2, 2011 September 26

Don’t miss the American Institute of Architects’ Home Tour of the Bowman Residence this Saturday and Sunday.   The featured home is by Cornerstone Group Architects.  Here is what they have to say about the Bowman Residence:

“The driving impetus for this Tarrytown residence was centered around creating a green and sustainable home. The owner-Architect collaboration was unique for this project in that the client was also the builder with a keen desire to incorporate LEED-centric principles to the design process. The original home on the lot was deconstructed piece by piece, with 95% of the materials either reused or reclaimed. The home is designed around the existing trees with the challenge of expanding the views, yet creating privacy from the street. The plan pivots around a central open living core that opens to the more private south corner of the lot. The glazing is maximized but restrained to control heat gain. The residence incorporates numerous features like a 5,000-gallon rainwater collection system, shading features, energy-efficient systems, spray-foam insulation and a material palette that helped the project achieve a five-star rating with the Austin Energy Green Building program.”                                   -AIA website.

Betsy Eby – Artist September 19

Betsy Eby is an artist who creates beautiful organic art…with a blowtorch.  Her art is inspired by nature, layering elements between sheets of purified beeswax and filtered dammer crystals to create visual depth to her creations.  As a  pianist, Eby’s  art reflects the scales and measures of music beautifully.  We love the movement that Eby seems to infuse within her paintings.  For more from Betsy Eby, visit www.betsyeby.com

The Union Jack Makes a Beautiful Rug. September 14

A well-known symbol is made into a distressed looking rug by Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company.  This is a great take on something very old, and would fit perfectly in Austin homes, both for modern interior design and traditional interior design.  It instantly brightens up a space with its rich colors, and we think it is just plain fun.

For more from their designer collections, visit www.therugcompany.info

NESTREST by DEDON. September 12

Nestrest by Dedon has us floored!  This nest-like structure can be hung alone as a private getaway, or can be grouped together to create a truly whimsical place to relax with others.  Here is how Dedon describes their piece:

“An over-sized bird’s nest offering you a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place: it’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations.

NESTREST is made of an especially strong DEDON fiber (4 cm wide, instead of 2 cm), guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave with excellent properties: it shelters those within, allowing them to look out while preventing outsiders from seeing in – a perfect feeling of security!”                                                                                                                       – Dedon

This is a piece that could be amazing on the lake here in Austin for the lazy days of summer and crispness of fall…

Nestrest Hanging lounger  chalk

For more, visit:


“To the Trade.”