A Peach Colored Room…Vibrant And Soothing. September 7

Peach is a color that most people are very opinionated about…they either love it or they hate it.  I think that the room below could potentially blur the line between the two camps.  The idea of painting a peach room in your home might actually frighten some of you, and you might dismiss it as “not an option.”  While this color is traditionally a feminine one, the use of clean lines and the introduction of a more rustic decor serve to create a masculine sensibility about the otherwise effeminate color.

No Fuss Wine Cellars. September 5

Home owners all over the place, and especially in Austin, are living a much “cleaner” way.  We want less fuss and more function.  Wine cellars offer a great place to showcase your wine collection in a simple way, allowing the bottles to become wall sculptures.  They can also be intimate places for sharing a glass of wine, as they often feel secluded.  Here are some great wine cellars worth taking a look at.  They are clean, but not cold.  Enjoy!

Edelman Leather…Unique Leather For Any Application. August 31

“Back in the mid 1950’s, Teddy and Arthur Edelman not only fell in love, but together fell in love with the family’s specialty reptile leather business, creating works of art from animal hides.   In 1964, with their new friend, Andy Warhol doing their graphic design, they became the leading leather source for the fashion industry, winning the Coty Award and the Neiman-Marcus Award. In 1981, they discovered a void in high-end upholstery leathers and launched their newly formed company, EDELMAN LEATHER – making a superb leather collection for architects and interior designers whom they felt were looking for the Best of the Best..

Edelman Leather is the premier brand of luxury leathers. “We continue the founding Edelman family tradition to design for designers, through innovation and imagination,” Amy Darrah, President.

Today, with awards such as consecutive “Best on the Best” House & Garden award (2005-06), Robb Reports 2006 “Best of the Year” award, and 2007 “BEST of Year” for product from Interior Design, the business has become a lifestyle company.  The projects range evenly among high-end residential, hospitality, contract, and aircraft.  The clients’ homes, their yachts, their offices, the restaurants they eat in – a lifestyle, all involving Edelman Leather.”


That is their history…here is their “now.”  Check out some of the most unique leather applications for interiors around.  Enjoy!

Leather Seat Upholstry

Leather Floor Tiles

Embossed Crocodile

Leather Walls

For more, visit them on the web at:  www.edelmanleather.com

Conrad Shades… August 29

When it comes to the best in woven or bamboo shades, Conrad is one of the best manufacturers out there.  Their product line is extensive and their quality is rivaled by few.  Below are some spaces which have Conrad shades.  With so many styles from which to choose, you are bound to find something that grabs you.  See how well these shades go into different styles of homes.  Also, Conrad shades are finished on the edges, so as to prevent snagging and fraying (which can occur when this is not the case)…yet another reason Conrad is at the top of their game!

Great Lamps For Under $100… August 24

Accent lighting is one of the easiest ways to really warm up a space, but if you have shopped for lamps lately, you might realize how expensive they really are.  Below are some great finds from Bellacor that will give you a lot of look for a small price.

Lumisource Ivory Lace Table Lamp

Lite Source Vinci I White Ceramic Table Lamp

Lite Source Pesach Blue Ceramic Table Lamp

Lite Source Mimosa Table Lamp

Adesso Director Tripod Table Lamp

Luce Plan Fans. August 22

Now here is something a little different for those of you who expect more from your fans than simple function.  Check out these fans by the company Luce Plan.  They are fun and funky, and they come in multiple colors and designs.  While these fixtures may not be for everyone, they are certainly different, and are more like colorful ceiling sculptures than fans.

For more from Luce Plan, visit them on the web at www.luceplan.com

Tabouret Chevre Bench… August 17

The “Tabouret Chevre” bench below is part of the A La Reine Collection by Myra Hoefer Design.  It is inspired by John Dickinson’s hooved tables and chairs, and we think it is both elegant and whimsical…a lot of fun and a truly unique piece.  For more from Myra Hoefer, visit her on the web at www.myrahoeferdesign.com

36″ wide x 17.25 deep x 21 high


A New Take On Something Old… August 15

Check out this Klismos dining chair by Scala Luxury.  It is cast out of brass and then polished to a high sheen, with a woven leather seat…and we at Colby Design think that it is to die for!  It is luxurious and sophisticated.  This chair could be that unexpected “pop” for a traditional space, or a slick way to dine in the most modern of Austin homes.  If you are interested in this chair, or other pieces by Scala Luxury, give us a call!

Klismos chairs from Scala Luxury

“To the Trade.”

Usona Home Lighting… August 8

Take a look at these light fixtures by Usona Home.  We have visited this manufacturer before, but they are always worth another gander!  The light fixture below is fantastic.  This metal ribbon is twisted and looped just enough so as to not look fussy, while the inner gold finish bounces back light in a glamorous way.  This fixture could go great in either a contemporary setting (like the one below) or could just the thing to make your transitional room.

Click here to view larger image

This fiber optic drum lamp by Usona Home is one of a kind.  For more from Usona Home, visit them on the web at www.usonahome.com.  (To the Trade)

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Transitional Bed. August 1

So often we are challenged as designers to find the perfect balance of style and taste for our clients.  We want each piece that we select for a home to be special and unique, but we also want the look to last (i.e. not become dated in 5 years).  Yes, styles change.  And yes, our own taste changes.  But wouldn’t it be nice to find pieces, such as the bed below, that change with the times?  We at Colby Design think so.  The style of this bed can be as different as night and day, with the right linens.

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